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Boston, MA

Heidi Shin

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Dancing hope for a genocide survivor

When the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia in 1975, the regime carried out a genocide that killed over 1.5 million people and specifically targeted nearly all of the country’s artists and musicians. Very few survived. After the genocide, thousands of Cambodian Americans were resettled in the US as refugees in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts.
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Deep Dive: Haenyeo

A story that explores working motherhood, elderly divers, and the relationship with my own aging mom.
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Why young North Koreans are daring to wear skinny jeans

Danbi, a black market smuggler, shares about her quest to wear skinny jeans, which were illegal in North Korea. From cell phones to movies, she shares what it was like to be a North Korean teen.
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The California Sunday Magazine "At Home"

Temporary or permanent, the result of years of looking or a last resort, the place we call home can be a repository for memories, a family we create, an escape hatch. We sent photographers throughout the western United States to ask people where they feel most at home. In the mountains of Utah, we found a mother of four who designed her dream mansion with some help from Pinterest; an hour north, we accompanied a young engineer as she sought the solitude of a trail beneath the night sky....
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National Geographic: Inside North Korea

A glimpse of life inside an oppressive regime, which chooses when to open its doors to the outside world.
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When a veteran is sent to rehab, instead of jail

When a veteran comes home from Iraq with a purple heart and PTSD, a judge in Boston sends him to rehab rather than to jail.
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Diving with the last generation of Korea’s Mermaids

Elderly women in their 60s, 70s, and 80s free-dive off the coast of South Korea, and discover that retiring...
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A Refugee returns home where he's the 1%

Jefferson, a young black man who came to the US as a refugee, returns home to Liberia, where he finds himself in the 1%.
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This school teaches Korean dads 'how to hug'

The Duranno Father School transforms stoic immigrant Korean dads into more loving and involved parents. It includes literally, a lesson on how to hug.
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In South Korea, parents are increasingly saying, 'we hope for a girl'

In South Korea, there’s a new saying: “To have two daughters wins you a gold medal.”
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North Korean Students Navigate a South Korean School

History class at the Daum School in Seoul looks pretty typical: Some students take notes intently, others take a nap. You can't tell that most of these students have risked their lives to be here. The students here sport the latest haircuts and blast K-pop from their earbuds as they gather at their lockers.
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In Search of American Jazz

George Lernis dreamt of becoming a jazz musician in the US, the birthplace of jazz. But a few things stood in the way of George’s musical aspirations. First, the mandatory military service in Cyprus, and second his father’s disapproval. So he decided to apply to music school in the U.S., with his mother’s help, in secret.
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Heidi Shin

I am a public radio + podcast producer based in Boston, MA. Amongst many adventures, I’ve gone diving with elderly mermaids in Korea, riding with young rodeo champions in Chile and interviewed a North Korean film director with his leading lady.

My work has appeared in places such as National Geographic, The Washington Post, California Sunday Magazine, Snap Judgment, 70 Million, and PRI's The World.

I co-created and produced WGBH/The Ground Truth Project's, "The New American Songbook," a podcast about immigrant musicians, whose awards include an ONA, a Webby, and a Edward R. Murrow Award. Other recent awards include The New York Festivals Radio Awards in 2019.

Live storytelling experience includes The Moth, PRX LA Live, and Club Passim.

I'm also an instructor at the PRX Podcast Garage in Boston and at Harvard University's SoundLab.